Looking For Directing/Coding HELPERS!

Hey everyone!

I’m looking to add more directing helpers to my website where authors can freely ask for any help.

If you like helping others with directing and coding questions and errors and have no issue with people messaging you, let me know in the comments below and I will add your information to my “Script Help” page on my website!

Reply below with:

  • your Instagram Username
  • your Episode story title (if you have one)

This is NOT a help thread, please do not reply asking for help.


Hi I can for sure help. I have no problem if people contact me directly (some already do it here) It is just not clear to me where or in what form the people will contact the helpers? For me this forum or PMs are so far the best way how to help people. So if you sugest something else I am eager to hear more about it. :smiley:

I do not many own threads - because I more just react on the questions if the forum but I can give you link for one. :smiley:

insta @miss_desantis_

link: HOW TO: animate GIF in INFINITE LOOP

story: Secret of the Necklace

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On my website, I will provide links to your instagram account and your Forum profile where they can contact you through DM on Instagram and PM on the forums.

And thank you so much!

Hello, I am Liza.
I would love to help people with coding. If that helps people learn and publish even more better stories on app. I’d be happy to be a small part of someone’s dream.
I have some questions:

  • Do they write to us on forum/Instagram?

My instagram is @Liza.Writes

I don’t have story published ,but I hope it’s going to change soon!
I am going to enter new contest :blush:

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Hi, i’m viv and I would like to be added (: !
I’m very helpful around the forums and I do advanced coding so I’d like to think I’m qualified.

  • your Instagram Username: @vivvvep
  • your Episode story title (if you have one): I do have 2 stories but i’m discontinuing them and they’re old so I don’t promote them anymore. But I am currently working on a new one!
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Yes, they will either send you a DM on instagram or PM on forum.

Thank you so much!

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Thank you! :relaxed:

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