Looking For Emo Friends

If you’re a lonely emo-trinity-loving nerd like me pls complete the poll regarding emo ships :kissing_heart:

  • Ryden
  • Brallon
  • Frerard
  • Waycest
  • GerZ
  • Petekey
  • Peterick
  • Trohley

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The forth one is extremely concerning… Are these ship names?

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Hehe, yes.
The fourth is a ship of brothers, but I ship them in a brotherly way
^saying that people online do ship them in an incestuous way too…

Hello c:

At least that is brother incest, I’ve seen worse ;-;

There’s slight incest in my family :no_mouth:

I mean, if you are into anime from some time, incest between siblings becomes less and less shocking e.e
Just think that in this anime called Osomatsu-San, almost EVERYONE ships incest, since the six twins are the only characters with a brain.

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IIIIIIII prefer not to ask-

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Oh no it’s not extreme!
Though technically a sexual relationship with your great-grandmother’s sister’s great-granddaughter is kinda extreme

I don’t even know what that is in the family tree c’:

Third cousins?? idek

I’ve always been bad with that kind of things.

Anyhoo my dad’s an ass and cheated with his own relative, how lovely? :upside_down_face:

And I tought I had family issues-


not even close

What’s it called?? And thx for changing the topic

Most of the fanfictions are discontinued ;-;

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The entire band is discontinued :sob::sob:

Woah! Same comment

*Vrtual high five

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I’m having both feelings from MCR and the book called Carry On, RIP


I mean, it’s basically Harry Potter but gayer.

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