Looking for episode bestie

Hi I’m looking for new friends
My name is Meghan
I’m Canadian
I’m 15 years old
I like drawing on my ipad, singing and playing the piano
I can be shy at first my can be outgoing once you get to know me
My episode instagram is meghan_on_episode and my personal instagram is meghanfluteplayer
I also like writing and reading episode stories
Let me know if you would like to be friends :blush:


Hey sweetheart
I would love more friends in Episode
Dm me in my IG - _angryybirdd _
We can catch up there


Cool, what part of canada are you from? I’m from Ontario

Cool, I live in Hamilton which is an hour drive from Toronto

Ok Where do you live now?


I’m new here, I would like to make some friends here

Hi. I would loge to be friends with you. Do you have Instagram

No I don’t have

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That’s ok. How old are you? And where are you from?

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