Looking For Episode Edits Models! Ink and Limelight!



Hi I would like to test my skills and I need edits for that so if you want your character to be edited please deposit your character here and I will get to you as soon as possible but… if you want me to say it privately please fill out the forms below for either Male or Female but if you want both of them combined you have to fill the form twice and when I am done the edit I will either PM you or Post on the thread your choice.
Thanks for helping me.

Credit to @Artistofepi for the outline and I edited

Credit to @Anj for the outline and I edited

Please dont get mad at me for reposting the edits I made with your outlines.


Aw, these are nice :grin::heart:


Here is my character if you want to use it as a model



Thanks and please tag people that might be interested


Can I ask question corresponding to your edits





Which kind of edit do you want
A nightly edit
Sun godess edit etc


Sun godess


Sun goddess


Ok great
There is also water godess
Theif etc


I think sun godess will be good


Sun godess


Ok great thanks so much do you want her to show her powers and please tag friends that might be interested




k will be done by tomorrow since I am going to bed



Ok😊I’m really happy to help


Do you want your edit to look like a sun godess
Star godess
Water godess etc