Looking for episodic style artist

Hi, everyone! I am looking for an episodic style artist that does art that is pretty realistic but also has a hint of episodic style in it. Please put examples down below, and please put something affordable. My price range is about 10-15$.


Check out candra_krida’s insta!

I do not have instagram :confused:

Who made your pfp?

wait she isnt in for that price range is she? I have tried to contact her to ask about price but never got an answaer

Hi, I am do some art for you if you need some. I don’t charge for my art, all I ask for is some credit. :blue_heart:

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Thats beautiful art! I would LOVE a pfp from you!!

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You should reply or tag the person u wanna reply to so that they’ll be notified :blush:

My friend @Marins is so talented, and does really good commissions. Though you can’t buy anything with episode assets, so you wouldn’t really be able to buy an episodic style one, maybe something similar.
insta for her: @findmylogic.

Me? :blue_heart:

I can if you still want
Absolutely free