Looking for Experienced Cover Artist

I’m looking for an artist to help design my small cover. My story is called My Secrets and is about a girl who struggles to hide her dark past while trying to find a new love life. For details plz contact me !

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Can I show u my examples?

Maybe I can do it

Of course thank you can I see the examples plz

I like your work and I already have a small cover but I don’t really like it so do you think you could kinda fix it because some things I like…:joy:

What do u mean?

This was the other one

I don’t really like the background or the title(font) so do you think you can keep the characters in similar positions but kinda change the mood more

Sure :blush:

What kind of mood are u looking for the cover?

Thank you and do you need anything else?

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Do u have a specific background u want?

Umm I kinda wanted something darker / more mysterious than but maybe kinda romantic if that makes sense

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Alright I will start it right away

Thank you!

Something like this?

And can u send me the character details please?

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I like it but maybe a little bit darker

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Lee: Skin- Dune, Brows-thin arch, Hair-Boy bun/black,Eyes-classic round/green, Face-defined triangle, Nose-button, Mouth-uneven/champagne
Stella: Skin-taupe, Brows-smooth arch, Hair-long feathered/chestnut, Eyes-upturned luxe/black, Face-diamond, Nose-pointed, Mouth-mature medium/orange crush
Chris: Skin- Rosewood, Brow-thick arch athletic, Hair-spiked up hair/black, Eyes-deep-set piercing/auburn, face-defined triangle, Nose- broad, Lips- uneven/dark
Love Interest: ??? U can decide (he’s custamizable)

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