Looking for fantasy/medieval overlays and backgrounds!

Trying to create my first story and the setting is in a medieval/fantasy world. So now I turn towards you guys to see if there are some creators that you know that has a lot och backgrounds and overlays for free (which I’ll of course credit).

Thanks in advance!

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Hey, you can check out my shop!

To be more specific, I really need more backgrounds of medieval towns, town squares etc, if there’s anyone who has some laying around :sweat_smile:

Try @amepisode and @wincyyellow !

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You can check out my drive… although I don’t have many bg based on fantasy and medieval …you can fill in the form to access it :laughing:

go on pixabay


those are some good sites

Thanks, will check it out!

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Sure no probs

Thanks! Do you know if those sites are copyright free?

Yeah, they’re both royalty-free

check out https://wincywrites.com/backgrounds-overlays/