Looking for feedback on a tragic vampire love story

Hey! So, I’ve been a writer for awhile, but this is my first time writing on Episode, and I’m looking for feedback on my first Episode story, Bite Me. Mostly on the mechanics of it, but if you have comments on the plot, characters, or dialogue, or notice any typos, I’d love to hear your thoughts about those as well!

The story is a vampire romance/tragedy, with a little probable Stockholm Syndrome thrown in just for kicks. It’s a little dark, there’s a lot of death, but since Episode (so far as I can tell) has no sword fighting, the violence is mostly punching or else just off screen and heavily implied. But, fair warning, there will be death.

I’m waiting to officially publish the story until I have either five episodes done or a complete outline, but I’d also like to get some feedback beforehand, so I went ahead and put the link up here.
Now, without further ado, the cover, official story description, and link to read:


Haunted by the mistakes of her ancestor, Elizabeth enters a world of dark politics and supernatural beings. Will she find romance among the tragedy? Or will it bleed her dry?

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to read!

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