Looking for feedback!


I’m looking for some feedback/reviews on my first story. I think the first chapter is a bit slow and boring so if people also think that I want to go back through and change it but chapter 2 and 3 are where I started to feel more comfortable with my writing and directing. I am currently still writing chapter 3.
I would just love some feedback regarding the directing, the storyline, the character development, and how long each chapter lasted for you.

If you do take the time to read through, Thank you so much and it is much appreciated :slight_smile:

My first story is published!

Heyy, I will read it for you. Once I’m done I will give the feedback through PM. :slight_smile:


Still after a couple more reviews now that I have finished my third chapter if anyone is interested!


I’m so excited! I just published my first 3 episodes of my story What Now?.
If anyone is interested in giving a review I would be forever grateful!



Hello @narnie3313 !! I would love to read your story but I can only access this website on my computer. Would you mind giving me the name and author of the story that way I can look for it in the app?


I just found it! It’s What Now? by her forum username lol


That’s the one! Just beat me to it!


Someone beat me to it haha but it’s the same username as here and the story is called What Now?


cool thx!


Haha I try :slight_smile: Would you like me to pm you your review when I’m done? I’d also really appreciate it if you could check out the story I just published this morning. It’s called Dancing for My Life (by aimee_xox) and it should pop up right away if you search it


That would be great thank you!
Sure. I’m just about to head to bed as it’s 1am here so I will fav and read in the morning! :smiley:


No problem! Thanks again <3