Looking for free/cheap artists

Hello everyone I am looking for a artist

Preferable free .
If not I prefer something cheap. If anyone knows anyone feel free to recommend them .

More details of what I’m looking for :
I’m still debating on if I want a bust up or full body .
Bust up tho is my minimum .
I am looking for more of a realistic art type

For bust up ik this maybe impossible but I’m looking for something $10 or less
For full body $20 dollars or less .
(In US conversion )

(If your art is more still feel free to drop it below)

I’m trying to get a pfp for Halloween.
The type of them I’m looking for is vampire ish with my character . Which is the girl on the left of my pfp with purple hair

If this is in the wrong category feel free to move it

Hope everyone has a good day / evening / night :blob_hearts: !

Hi there! Here are my examples+ price lists

semi realistic


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you try peacehub__ on IG
her art is so cute and me think it might be cheap for you like you say :yellow_heart:

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Hey there :blush: If you haven’t found anyone yet, I might suggest adding some detail regarding what you are looking for, then you may have some more success finding the right fit.
If you are unsure what to add, check out this thread :blush:

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Thanks for the suggestion , I just updated it

You’re welcome :blush: I may be able to help, my prices are within your range and I do semi-realistic.
If you are interested, (I don’t have my tablet on at the moment, but you can message me on Instagram @cheyaraskadi_writer and I can show you some of my latest pieces :blush:

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Messaged you !

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Hey! If your still looking I have a quick little sale on atm!

You can find more of my example and my original prices on my art shop thread

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