Looking for free overlays/backgrounds

Does anyone have free overlays or backgrounds that i can use in my story? I will credit you :slight_smile:


what kind

any kind?

here is a few different backgrounds


i have a few bgs i made and tons of other bgs i found on pinterest and episode approved them so if u want them pm me

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oooh okay! Should i credit u

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These look great

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didn’t work

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what do you mean

You should check out Hollywood Art shop Its free and all you need to do is credit them

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You’re welcome to use anything from my Google Drive, all I require is proper crediting at some point during the episode🙂

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Hi!! I don’t make backgrounds but I would check out

Episode Life for tons of backgrounds, overlays, script templates, etc. But be sure to give credit

You can also look at Pixabay and Pexels for stock free images - meaning they do not require any credit

You can also check out Hollywood’s List of Everything for links to various drives - most of these do require credit

These are all free to use! Some just require credit whereas others do not


thank you

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what’s your instagram?

My Instagram is @princesskjx3 :slightly_smiling_face:

btw they need to be resised

Which ones are giving you troubles? I knew some sizes had messed up but I thought I got them all corrected :thinking:

You can send me a pm with screenshots so we’re not clogging up the thread :slightly_smiling_face:


should i give credit to yo or?

Duplicate closed. Refer to Backgrounds question part 3