Looking for free overlays, will give credit of course


I am working on new stories and I need a few overlays,
Anyone who does free overlays for credit in the story and is willing to help please can you get in touch.
I need cuts and bruises and a few tattoos,
Also anyone who can help otherwise advise me where I can find copyright free non original images to use as overlays I would be grateful. I’m still new to all of these kinds of things.
P.S. If you know how to get the Rose Sleeve tattoo that is very commonly used in stories could someone tell me how to find it and use it please?
Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hey!! @Cheyara_episode58!!! I’m not interested in helping you with overlays but I know where the tattoo is!! It is in clothing under guys. If you search it in the search bar of clothing it should come up!! :grin::grin: Best of luck with writing!


Thank you it’s been bugging me a lot haha


Yup!! What’s the name of your story and when are you going to publish it, if you don’t mind me asking :grin:


I kind of have an overactive imagination so there is a few I am working on at the moment lol. But, the first 3 episodes of A Royal Romance, should be able to released soon once I have some backgrounds approved and Betrayal should be coming out around the same time) but I have got a couple out at the moment already.
From Broken into Bad and My Teacher. Feel free to follow me on instagram @cheyara_episode58 for updates on releases etc if you would like.


Cool thx!!


You’re welcome, thanks again for the help