Looking for friends 18+


My friend @Shanzella and I are looking for Episode friends who are a little closer to our age! So if you love Episode, are 18+, and would like to be friends let us know :blush::blush::grinning:

18 Years Olds Here?

Hi! I’m 20. :slight_smile:


Yay! It’s nice to meet you!


@Miss_Moonlight Actually we might have done a r4r with eachother before :joy::joy:


Maybe… but I never did a read of read so :rofl::rofl:


Then there is a different Miss Moonlight running around haha. Have you written any stories?


I would! :slight_smile: 23


Me too :slight_smile: do you have instagram? We could follow each other on there.


yes its bethany1991bradley :slight_smile:


I’ll add you I’m forzanellabellezza.episode


I’ll add you. I am still new to the hole IG thing so not to to good at it but I always get on it and try to learn more about it! :slight_smile:


Hi also :blush::wave:t2: Thanks for doing this @ErinH


Yeah :slight_smile: you can go add miss @Bethany1 on insta!


Always up for new friends!!! :slight_smile:


Can I ask how you all got your photo to stay in the bubble for when people look at your IG? I have tried but mine never stays!


Ive also added you @Bethany1😊


I added you! :slight_smile:


Go to edit profile on your page where you see all your posts. There you can change your cover photo.


Hi :wave:t2: @Miss_Moonlight :blush: nice to meet you well virtually :joy:


Thank you!