Looking for friends i guess? :)


Hey there!

I’m kinda looking to make friends with some of y’all :v:

I’m Raven
I’m a teen :woman_shrugging:
I love music :musical_note: :heart: (I love any type it’s my passion)
I also love art :slight_smile:
I’m from the UK
My favourite food is pasta :ok_hand:
I play guitar in my spare time :guitar:
I love the colours Black,Purple and Red :black_heart: :heart: :purple_heart:
I have 2 dogs one male one female (Frankie (F) Eric (M) Don’t judge the names
I am an episode author so i do write a lot :thinking:

Your turn! :gem:


I’m Alana even though my online friends call me Nae
I’m 14 and 9th grade is trash
I love music too
I’m attempting to learn art :sparkles:
I’m from the US (Michigan actually)
My favourite food is ice cream :icecream:
I like to read :open_book:
I love the colours Black, White, and Grey (bc I’m depressed :smile:)
I have 3 dogs (from oldest to youngest) Tank (1 year) and Titan and Tiana who are about 4 months. :dog:
I’ve failed many times at coding. :sob:


HI I am Rebecca
I´m a teen
I love music
I like art but I wouldn´t want to create it my selfxx
my favourite food is lasagne
I either sleep or listen to music in my free time
I love black, grey and white
I have 6 cats (minoes (F) Ziva (F) fay(F) Niklaus (M) Rocky (M) Jackson(M))
I am episode author because I like to code and write at the same time


You sound awesome! What’s your favourite type of icecream?


You sound really cool!!
What type of music do you listen to???


I am Anne-Katherine
Teen as well😃
I adore music :musical_note: (love all genres)
From Ukraine :ukraine:
Have a dog​:dog:, cat​:cat: and a hamster :hamster:
Speak English, learn German, Spanish
My favorite colors are blue, white, purple, pink (all pastel)
Enjoy reading
One of my favorite film is “Ocean’s 8”
My favorite food is pasta :spaghetti:
My favorite drink is tea :coffee:


Moose tracks but cookies and cream is a close second. Sorry about that. Im at school


[quote=“Minoesje, post:3, topic:178635”]
HI I am Samara (My friends call me Mara)
I´m a teen
I love art and fashiom
I like singing but I im kinda terrible at it
my favourite food is Hot Cheetos and Taklis
I either sleep or watch netflixcin my free time
I love purple, grey and blue
I have 2 dogs Princess (f) chihuahua Sinclair (m)chihuahua mix pomeranian
I am episode author because I like to code and write at the same time


I LOVE pasta


That’s fine :smile: School can be a drag :confused:


Hi! :heart:
I’m Alexe,
I’m 17 years old,
I love music too,
I’m from Qc ( so i’m French )
My favorite food? Mmh that’s hard, i don’t know😌
I don’t have any talents,
I love black so bad


I’m Adrian also known as Sal (because of my last name)
I’m 17 years old
I love music too :musical_note:
I’m from California, US :palm_tree::ocean:
My favorite food is pizza :pizza:
I draw in my spare time
I love the colors black, green, and blue
I have 1 dog, Remmy (M) :dog2:
I’m currently writing a story


Its under appreciated


I love pizza to!!


I wish i was living in Carlifornia :relieved:



I’m Sofia :v:t3:
I am also teen lol
Oooff music is life lmao :notes:
Same, only i’m rlly lazy :sleeping:
Mah favourite food is pizza :pizza:
Really?? I play both piano and guitar, only I went on kinda piano school for 6 years so I was forced to like it lmao :musical_keyboard: :guitar:
My favourite colours are yellow and blue :yellow_heart::blue_heart:
I had hundreds of cats, but now none :cat:
I wish I was author, i am actually planning on starting story :laughing:



Scrap that, I sound like a cowboy.

I’m Haruka.
I’m a teen as well :grin:
I also love music, I play violin and piano and also love just listening to it :musical_note:
Rhythmic gymnastics is my LIFE!
I’m also from the UK :uk:
My favourite food is ice cream :ice_cream:
I love the colours blue and pink :blue_heart::sparkling_heart:
I’m getting two gerbils very, very soon (I’m talking, this weekend).
I do not have any published stories but do enjoy coding.


I love guitar so much it’s my favourite thing to do


Wow! you can play violin???

I’ve heard its super hard to learn :confused: i wish i could play it


California sounds so nice :sunny: