Looking for friends i guess? :)


I know and there’s no snow yay


It mostly rains here :confused:


I’m Elie
I´m 16 and high school is the worst
I also love music soooo much, and I all listen to all type of music :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m want to start drawing
I´m from Mexico
My favorite food is also pastaa :drooling_face:
I used to play bass :sweat_smile:
my favorite colors are blue, yellow, and grey
I used to have a dog name Viking :yellow_heart:
and I’m trying to write two stories :blush:



What type of breed is it? :gem:


I’m Holly.
I’m 14.
I love ice skating!
I’m from England.
My favourite food is pizza.
In my spare time, I write.
MY favourite colours are yellow & orange.
I have 4 dogs called Oscar, Jess, Bella & Jake.
My bestie is called Marika.
I’m the author of My Sunflower, feel free to read: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5787730465325056


I’ll make sure to read your story right now!

I’m more of a skateboarder/Rollerblader :woman_shrugging:


THANKS!!! :yellow_heart:
It’s a Scottish terrier


Hi I’m VIwrites1.
I’m 20-29 years old and I’m Australian.
I love music (but no one knows)
Art is the best and I crush on anime dudes.
Idk what my favourite food is, I guess it changes.
In my spare time I like to write or eat.
My favourite colours are white, rose gold and lavender and I secretly love the colours black and dark red.
I love reading.
I like voice acting and doing different accents.
My favourite ice cream flavour is vanila.
Sometimes I think I’m very simple and boring.
I’m a positive person.
I love learning about everyones different cultures.
My name starts with an unusual letter. Not V, that’s my middle name (username-middle name).


Sorry if I wrote too much.


Hi I’m kiiera
I’m 14
I Live un the UK
I still new to writing stories but I think I’ve gotten a bit better ith coding
Year 9 sucks
My favourite food is : cornish ice cream
I have a cat called chilii
And I’m looking for some new friends


It is quite hard, but not so much now, I started when I was 4 :grin: I tried the guitar and I got sooo confused XD


I’m May (not my real name):heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’m 13 :coffee:
I love 90s music :notes:
I love art,drama,dancing and learning languages :volcano:
I’m from New Zealand!
I’d love to go to the uk to study for university :airplane:
I have 3 dogs,2 cats,2horses!


Thanks so much honey. :slight_smile:


You’re not simple or boring! You’re awesome!


That’s such a cute name omg :sob:


I love it by the way! It’s awesome, I’ll definitely get my friends to watch it


I’ve been playing guitar for about a year now :thinking: i picked it up quicker than most people but that’s because i forced myself to learn :joy: i’ts something i like doing in my spare time :gem:


2 horses! wow !
What are they called???


Blair and Delly


That’s cute!