Looking for friends i guess? :)


Awe, thanks honey.:heartpulse:
You seem like a lovely person!


You too!


I’m Denize :poop:
I’m a dude but I’m also a girl (straight) :laughing: :woman:t2:
I love food and memes :tipping_hand_woman:t2:
I also love weird ass jokes and conspiracy theories :nerd_face:
I’m from the PH :philippines:
My favourite food are something edible (but actually really picky af… sorry not sorry) :speak_no_evil:
I admire myself in the mirror when bored :eye:
I love the colours teal, red and purple :upside_down_face:
I am a future episode author so I kinda stuck in coding :roll_eyes:


Hey, I’m Alex :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::umbrella:
I am also a teen :no_mouth:
I love listening to music, playing an instrument and singing, no thanks :upside_down_face:
I’m not the best at art, but I like to anyway. :art:
I’m from the CALIFORNIAAAAA, US :alien:
I don’t really have a favorite food, but if I had to choose it would be eggs :egg:
I like to read in my spare time…? :closed_book:
I love the colors yellow, tan, and green
OOO I have two dogs too, their names are, Bobo (Male) and Chica (Female) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am also an Episode author, I love writing, but I procrastinate a lot (which saddens me, baha :unamused: :relieved:


Im calling my future dog Bobo that’s amazing


I can catch myself looking in the mirror sometimes :joy:


We weren’t even thinking about it when we started calling him that, we just started calling him Bobo. :relieved:

I originally wanted to name him Duke, but I love Bobo now :sweat_smile:



I’m losing it at this point your dog is magical :heart: :sob:


Duke sounds so proper and formal in my opinion!! and my dog is the opposite of “proper”. haha he acts like a clown - We thought of Bobo the Clown, but went with the shorter version :rofl: :clown_face:


My dogs always have human names :joy:

It’s a tradition that our dogs are named with weird names

I have a male dog named Eric and a Female dog named Frankie.

My mom wont let me and my dad get a boxer dog and call it Bruce though :sob: :joy:


ahh Bruce, I LOVE IT :sweat_smile:
But, I mean, my other dog’s name is Chica, which is girl in Spanish. So, does that count as a human name or just random. We got my dog from my grandma, so idk what she was thinking Chica is not a bad name, I love her and her name :blue_heart:


i wanted to be your friend just by the title :joy:

i’m Amy
i’m dutch :netherlands:
love pizza :pizza:
i love dogs, don’t have one :woman_facepalming:
read episode stories a bit to much…
love art but can’t draw
i’m a teen
i love music and dancing! even though i can’t dance still LOVE it


I can’t dance to save MY LIFE :joy:
I love music as well lol i mean who doesn’t and I’m SURE you can draw.

I also relate to the “Reading episode stories too much” because honestly same


YESSS, especially when you legit look fine in the night/morning :lips::face_with_monocle:



Like you walk past a mirror and you stop like That’s my self esteem boosted :joy:


And you become so ecstatic that you started to kinda boast around being flirty to yourself, Or at least I do that :sunglasses:


Sometimes i’m just like

yeet looking fine today GUURRRRL


oof, exactly!

You’d go walking like a model from victorian secret just because of your mood :laughing:


yes yes YES!

I like you already :joy: we have so much in common!


woah really? :hushed:

I’m actually expecting you to ignore me :sweat_smile: