Looking for friends i guess? :)


Nah you’re awesome!


Glad to hear :upside_down_face:
Because I thought I’m just being cringy and weird not the greatest combination… ew

Have you watched shane dawson’s conspiracy theory vid?? :eyes:


I don’t really watch youtube the much but i’ll check it out when i find the time :joy: :+1:


You should, it’s actually really interesting.
SPOILER: my fave theory is the kids cartoon topic


I’ll definitely watch it! :gem:

It sounds interesting :thinking:


If you’re an apple user then at the end of the vid you could get paranoid Imma let ya know gurl :upside_down_face:

So what’s your story about?


Oh my episode story?


Yep, I did a lil, background check hope you don’t mind :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved:


That’s fine :joy:
It’s all there for a reason :+1:

It’s about a girl who is sent to prison for something she didn’t do.She then ends up surrounded convicted criminals who are slowly breaking her and playing with her mind.

Its not as dark as it sounds i promise its got humour in there :joy:


Have I heard of that before… :thinking:
Can you show me the cover so I can confirm that I probaby have read it? :sweat_smile:


Sure :joy:

I recently changed the cover so here is the original and the new one





That girl with the purple hair is a mood :heartbeat:

Hmm, probably… I’ll try to check the episode app later on.

I write stories as well and I’m writing my first :nerd_face:


She’s my favourite :joy:

What’s your story called and is it out yet? I’ll be sure to read it


Can I be her? lol :laughing:

It’s called Typical Days idk if I’m going to change the title… and it ain’t out yet…
I’m currently writing episode 1 :woman_shrugging:t3:


Awesome! please tell me when it’s out i’ll totally read it


Sure :wink:

It’s comedy and part realism and part delusional as well.


The MC is a boy who’s with his friends all the time
So the group of friends came into a party and then Denize the character saw the vocalist and they were admiring the vocalist, the MC on the other hand got a lil crush on the vocalist, then days ;ater he started being a super fan of the vocalist and decided to check the vocalist’s EpiGram and saw some contest entry he thought of joining but his friends reasoned with him…

As you could see, he is really ambitious :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Though, sadly I can’t say the rest :sweat_smile:


AWESOME i can’t wait to read it!


Is it too cliche??


No not at all!

It sound interesting :gem:


…Is it really new or have you read other great stories that contains bands or ambitious teens following their dreams?..