Looking for friends....I guess?

Basically looking for somebody to talk about story im writing, ideas for it etc.
If they could keep me staying on forum or motivate me to keep going with my story it would be great, tbh im lazy as f :sweat_smile: heh.
We can share stories we recently read, you know episode stuff XD


Hi!, i would love to be your friend

Oh! hello, didn’t expect such a quick response :sweat_smile:
Im a bit old btw 21 tbh

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Hey there, I’d love to bounce ideas with you and talk about other episode related activity :slight_smile: I could use a motivator as well


Hi guys!
I’m new on the Episode’s creator’s corner and sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated for me as well. I feel you sm.
It’s so frustrating because I want to know how to do everything so quickly, although I know that coding is very technical. But little by little it can be achieved! :face_holding_back_tears:
We could talk and discuss our stories and highlight the positive aspects of each one. Having an audience is a good way to keep writing! :nerd_face: :blob_hearts:


I send you private message tomorrow ok? :smile:

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Hey @Mask,

Then I am vintage. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: (Became 40 yesterday.) Age doesn’t matter. PM me over here or DM me on IG (@angelwings_1983) to be friends.


Sure :heart_hands: :blob_hearts:

And now I dont feel bad about my age haha good to meet someone older >_<

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Im bored…so ill help if you need(story board things)

I know there are some older authors over here. :laughing:

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Comforting ngl haha


Haha, damn im 16 years old

Hi guys! I’m working on putting out my first story as well and it would be lovely to make some friends on the forums, could we make a group chat? Is that a thing on here? I’ve no idea I’ve never messaged anyone here before lol but that’d be great! Btw I’m 21 too

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hi! unfortunately there is no such thing like group chat on here but at least we have option to send private message to each other

agree :sweat_smile:

That’s unfortunate! We could make a groupchat on Instagram with our episode accounts if that’s alright with you all/is something you all would be interested in :thinking:

heh I gladly take any help I can get :smile:

group chats arent really my cup of tea :sweat_smile:
I never know what to say on them and chatting with more than three people at once is exhausting for me

No worries, I get it! Sometimes group chats can be overwhelming, I suggested it because I’m more familiar with that form of texting and thought it’d be more practical than the forum’s pms :woman_shrugging:t2: