Looking For Friends

I’m some-what new to the forums and some friends would be nice.

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Wyd :smiley:

I’ve been on Instagram. wby

Eating lol

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Can’t go wrong with food :crazy_face:

Ik right

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  • Cheesebuger
  • Pizza

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What’s your favorite food?

Pizza hbu

lasagna lol

How old are you??

14 hbu

12Your older lol

Only by 2 years :upside_down_face:

Yeah what grade are you in

9th hbu?

7th lol I heard highschool is hard

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Hey! What’s up y’all? Just curious have any of you guys published?

  • Heck no!
  • Still in the process of writing.
  • Yes
  • Multiple.
  • Bruh, I publish a new story like every month.
  • No, I’m here to chill and procrastinate
  • I just like reading others stories. :slight_smile:

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