Looking for good cover

I need a good cover artist! If you are interested, please leave an example of some of your work below and any additional info. and I will contact you shortly! :slight_smile: I’m more than willing to pay!

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Do you have a limit on how much you would pay? I have 2 commission artist in mind and for a 2 person half body one is $25 (2 dimensional, semi realistic) and the other is $37.50 (Realistic art)

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Honestly, I’m willing to pay whatever if it’s what I’m looking for

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I can send you examples of their art and their instagram @‘s did you want 1 or 2 or more people on the cover?

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2, please!

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@Geta (Georgetarts on Instagram)

2 person half body

This cost $25 but here are her commission prices:


@Jellishfish her Instagram is @jellishfish.art


This cost me $37.50 (realistic art) here are her prices:

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Hi My commissions are currently open
Here are my examples

Pm me back on here if you are interested :slight_smile:

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Hi @HannahBartels I’m a professional digital artist and I’ve worked with several authors to create covers and art scenes for their stories. I’ll leave my most recent commission example here and you can direct to my Instagram for more examples:

My price list:

Due to art theft I’m not uploading original files here.

Send me an email and we can negotiate the total price if you’re interested.


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hey hanna, i’m open for commissions! here are my examples, i hope you like them! :blob_hearts:

you can text me here or on my instagram @/arch.writes!

Here are some examples of mine and prices, prices can vary and I’m definitely willing to discuss prices so both parts are comfortable :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:
Feel free to contact me with questions, here or on IG @emmaj.artwork