Looking for good fantasy stories


I really like fantasy stories!

If you know some good fantasy stories, please tell me! (story and author name, a short description would be nice too, but not necessarily)

Preferably INK, but I like Limelight too. Please no Classic.


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Legacy - Natasha Hills - mythology
Cetrinda - Sarah Kieser -space/aliens
Deepest Desire - Sarah Kieser - princess
Wanderer - ZoeRose - werewolf (only one I liked of werewolves)
The Abomination - Isabella Costa - angel and demon (sort of)
Sundosia - Susannah M. - princess
The Lost Princess - Polona H. - Princess
Aliens - M. Winters - aliens on Earth
‘Virtual’ Love - Anneliese Allen - powers and highschool
The Secret of Luar - Dominique Seth Da Silva - princess?
The Elite Five - EK Peters - magic powers

Thanks! Which do you think is the best?

I really liked The Abomination and Sundosia (mostly the first half though). Cetrinda and Deepest Desires are also up there in my favorites.

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Okay thank you x

Cast Away by Lauren Nicole

Yea I read that one, I like it, but Thanks for replying!

definitely legacy. I love the wolf within but thats more on the cliche side

If you are looking for a story with character customization, portals, and choices which matter then I suggest you read “The Ruby Tiara” I can’t express how much I love this story!


If you still looking for a fantasy story, you can read mine http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6330841475842048 :grinning:

Okay, thank you I’ll try it out

Yeah, I read that one, I really like it too!


Read Four Kingdoms its AMAZING

okay, thanks for replying xx

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I have a fantasy story! :slight_smile::heart:

Title: Complement
Author: Amber Daisies
Instagram: @ambers.stories
Genre: Fantasy/Suspense/Drama
Description: With Customizable Characters, Complement is about a guy and a girl who were destined to be together and defeat a great evil. Lucy is light, and Onyx is shade. Together, they can control all that is in creation. Lucy is not aware of her powers until she gets to university, where she learns about everything. Can Lucy and Onyx navigate each other in time to save the world?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5028671691423744

Thank you, I’ll try it out! x

Betrothed by S. Langdon
Grimdor by Vina
Winters Academy by O. Rose
Dreamwalkers by O. Rose
A Hidden Gem by Bethan



NP :hearts:

That’s true RUBY TIARA is best

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