Looking for Good Stories to Read! + Story Recommendations [CLOSED TO CATCH UP]

Hey there, I’m Sophbee :wave: I’m looking for hidden gems out there who want me to read their stories. I know it’s hard to gain reads for our story hence I would love to help. There’s no need for R4R so feel free to share your stories here for me to read! Also, let me know if you want me to review your story! :heartbeat:

That’s not all, I also created this thread for you guys to recommend some stories that you guys think I should probably check them out. I would gladly spend some moments of my time to read them :smile:

Here are few things that you need to be aware of before requesting me to read your story:

1. Please be patient.
I’m doing this during my leisure time so please don’t rush and keep asking me about what I think of your stories. Consider me like other readers of your story. You don’t force people to read your story, right?

2. I don’t really read mystery/horror/fairytale stories
Extremely sorry about that. No worries, I’ll read them if it looks interesting to me :purple_heart:

3. I’ll give honest reviews of your story if you asked me for reviews
So… Please don’t hate me, I’m trying to help :heart::sparkles: If you can’t bare it, don’t ask for reviews from me. Remember, you are amazing but no one is perfect. People learn from mistakes, and you won’t learn if you don’t do mistakes. (that’s off topic?)

I guess that’s all, feel free to share your stories with me so I could read them. I haven’t published any story yet but I’m currently writing a few stories that will be published on July. You can follow my Episode acc if you’re looking forward on reading it. Again, let me know if you want me to review on your story! Please include these informations in order for me to accept your request:

Story title
Author’s Name
Story style
Description of the story
Number of episodes

Waiting list :

  1. Shattered Souls by S Unique :white_check_mark:
  2. Sandy and Her Quadruplets by r.j 14 :white_check_mark:
  3. Struggles of Life by Sakshi :white_check_mark:
  4. Lost Boy Lost Girl by MrBitPlayer
  5. Love Has No Colors by Brenda Adams
  6. Scandalous by Mina
  7. Fantastical : Worlds Collide by Gamrr Guy
  8. H&V : Fate by Alex Af
  9. Rose by Kuen
  10. Soccer Moms: Blast to the future by Winter05
  11. Fantastical: Falling from Grace by Queen Faith and Blue
  12. Surviving Love by Winter05 and Lovers Delight
  13. Thorns by Winter05 and Liz Jc
  14. Forbidden Fairytale by Katie epy
  15. Stuck with You by Tanzanite
  16. Piece of Me Missing by Aimee and Jade
  17. She’s Unlovable by SuzyQ
  18. Shanked by Feckb
  19. Silhouettes by aprilish
  20. Your Secret Admire by EpisodeCray

(I’ll be closing for a moment when requests reach 20)

Second Batch

  1. Fantastical : The Lost Starlette by Episode Extra
  2. Paradise by Maggy

Sophbee :pizza:


Hey!! Thank you so much for creating this thread. I would love for you to check out my story and give me a review so I can improve.:slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.
Author: SS
Title: Shattered Souls
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Description: What happens when two shattered souls find each other? Will love prevail? +18
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5150158950367232

Also if you want other good stories to read you should check out @Alisha.Sophie , @Davidcrvz or @Gracex, they all have amazing stories.:wink:


The story looks interesting! Your request is accepted. I’ll tell you my reviews of your story after I read it :wink: Oh, and I’ll be sure to check out the stories of the authors that you mentioned

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Hello @Sophbee! This is my first story on Episode and it’s a comedy! I received some good reviews (Hope you will like it :slight_smile:)

Story title : Sandy and her Quadruplets
Author : R.J.
Genre : Comedy
Style : Ink
Completed : No (I wrote 9 episodes)
Description : How can she survive with noisy and disobedient quadruplets? Will she finally find the father of her sons ? Here’s the crazy life of Sandy and her quadruplets!
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5337323130716160

New Cover Coming Soon

Ah, I love comedy stories so I’ll definitely check it out! Your request is accepted! :sparkles:

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Thanks! And I just want to say that English isn’t my first language (sorry :frowning:) but I’m correcting my mistakes!

Hey! Thank you so much for creating this thread.
Title: Struggles of Life
Author: Sakshi
Number of Episodes: 16
Genre: Drama
Style: Classic
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5913318221676544

I haven’t read this one yet, but sound interesting, I’ll check it out to.:slight_smile:

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:heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :two_hearts:


Thank you and I can also yours! :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! :heart::heart::heart_eyes: so lovely of you! Xx

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Hey! Here’s my story!

Story title: Scandalous
Author’s Name: Mina
Genre: Drama/mystery
Story style: Limelight
Description of the story: After the murder of her best friend, Catalina uncovers secrets that change everything she thought she knew, and clues that could lead her to the killer before they strike again.
Number of episodes: 4 so far
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4694544914055168

This is my Story.

I’d like it if you’d review it and I am welcome to hard critisim

Hi @Sakshi_mittal @MrBitPlayer @brvnda @Mina !
Your requests are accepted :two_hearts: Hope you’re not rushing :grinning:

@Sakshi_mittal Tbh I read classic stories rarely but I look forward to read yours! :heart_eyes_cat:

@MrBitPlayer Alright! I’ll give you my reviews once I finished reading it :wink:

@brvnda I’ve seen your story a few times on other threads and I guess it’s my turn now to check it out ! :grinning:

@Mina That’s a very nice cover you have! I’ll surely it out :smile:

@GamrrGuy Okay! Gonna check it out soon :slight_smile:


Hi, @Sophbee!

Thank you very much for creating this thread, this is very kind of you!

If you are interested in reading a story with several mini-games and where CHOICES REALLY MATTER then, please, give my story a try. I promise, the story will keep you hooked :blush: Episode advocates recommended! (which has made me insanely happy. Go check their account for awesome recommendations if you haven’t yet!)

My story details:

Name of story: H & V: Fate
Author: Alex Af
Genre: Thriller (but tbh, it’s more drama, I’ve put thriller due to the story’s detective side)
Episodes: 4 (completed)
Summary of story: Young ambitious journalist hunting down a powerful tycoon who has made a fortune based on lies. But who really is a villain here? Choices matter.
Link to story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6548486212681728
Instagram: @episode.alex.af

Hi @Alex_Af ! Your story sounds fun and intriguing, I’ll probably gonna check it out soon. Thank! :blush:

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I’ll be very appreciate if you could check out my story!
Title Rose
Author Jojo
Genre Romance
Style Ink
Episode 14 (on going)
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventure and heartbreak will she face next?
Instagram @fongjoline
Link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5164972039208960

Your requested is accepted! :sparkles:

Thank you very much! I hope you will enjoy it!


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Hi @S_Unique! I’ve finished reading the first four episodes of your story and it was great!

Here are my reviews of your story, Shattered Souls :

  1. I find it pretty annoying when you use small ‘i’ in the story instead of the capitalized one like what it’s supposed to be. Maybe you can repair your script by changing the small i into capitalized I?

  2. I think you need to work on spot directing more often. I spotted a few mistakes when the characters are walking or when the characters are meant to talk while talking. Here is what I found, the character walks to a spot too fast (like in a blink of eye), the character doesn’t stop walking even though she has arrived on the spot she needs to be and the character talks before she enters the screen.

  3. Add more choices and make your story longer to make it more attractive?

  4. The storyline is great! I’m still wondering what the MC went through her past though. You also left cliffhangers at the end of each episodes and I think that’s good cuz it will make your readers excited to read more

That’s what I think of your story so far, don’t worry cuz I’ll keep on reading it! Please don’t get offended by my reviews as I’m just trying to be honest and wanted to help you improve your story. Thanks :sparkling_heart: