Looking for grammar check + Someone who likes to do outfits (LL)

Hi Episodians!
I just joined this cool forum!
To get to the point - Since English is NOT my first language I need someone who can grammar and spell check my script…
AND I’m a boy and since my story includes girls, it is very, very hard for me to create outfits without thinking that they look kinda dumb. If anyone is interested (There can also be more than just one person) then please let me know it!

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Welcome to the forums! I’d love to help you out with outfits!! :slight_smile:

Can you add me on Instagram maybe? @elnesa.episode

Followed you. I’m @winter05.episode.

I’d love to help if you still need someone to!

Add me on instagram! @elnesa.episode

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Glad to help, if you still need someone :blush:
My instagram is anne.the.episode.writer

I will be glad to help if you need someone :kissing_heart:

I love love love to put together outfits mostly girls outfits

I could totally help! Sounds like fun if you still need someone.

Hey :wave:t2:
I would love to help you out both with the grammar and create outfits. :smile:
I know how hard it is because, i’m also not talking english as my birth language.:joy:
I would like to hear from you. :smile:
Kaya :hearts:

I would love to create outfits for you. And if you still need someone count me in. I would like to hear from you soon.