Looking for group members on instagram

Hey , everyone i currently have an epsiode group account on Instagram and we have currently hiring for new member on the pages we our an epsiode account that is going to be based around edits . The roles we have available are :
General editors
Advanced editors ( more for like art scenes )
Cover makers
Editor Interviewer

We have our hiring open until the 1st of june for all other info please go to the account on Instagram @
episode.stargalaxy or comment below

Cant wait to see your application :heart:

i want to be part of it!

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Hello @Sashystar! This is Sydney the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forum! Have a look at our Forum Tutorial for some great tips on where to correctly create topics! I’ve already moved this one from Art Resources to General Chat. :wink:

Thank you for reading and have a good day! :sunglasses:

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Hey do apply go to @episode.stargalaxy
For more info :blush:

Hey! I don’t know what use I will be but I’d be happy to help out :kiss:

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Hey thank u so much :heart: just go to @episode.stargalaxy on instagram and there is an application form in our bio :purple_heart: