Looking for group members to join my new group

Looking for group members💖

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What would it be about?

Splashes and covers💖

Sure! I can join! (If you want me to, of course)


I’m still searching for group members, can you create the group i mean if you want to?

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What would you like it to be called?

Lets see…u got any ideas😂

Not really, no :laughing:

Ok give me a min

How about “splashes and cover request shop”


Ok cool you can add some emojis too

Did you want it to be like a PM or an actual shop?

An actual shop

Ohhh, okay. Do you have any examples of your splashes and overs so I could add it? and also what type of emoji’s?

Well i havent done any yet

So then how would you like the shop to be done? You can do it if you’d like so it can fit to whatever you’d like, I wouldn’t really mind the style.