Looking for help for story introduction

Hi, I’m starting to write my first story and I plan on having two main characters that the story will switch in between. I plan on doing a story about time travel but one of the main characters die I’ve been pondering an idea on how i should introduce the story as to whether I should:
A.) introduce the character i plan on killing off first
B.) Start from the 2nd main character who will be alive perspective

I really appreciate any feedback on this. Thank you!!! :grin:

B, it would be good to introduce both before the story is really going but I think knowing the character that will be there the whole time would be a good first impression.

Thank you!! I was wondering because i came up with B.) first and already have the whole introduction for that characters part in the script and it’s kinda a lot to revise . Also I don’t plan on permanently killing the other main character off completely it’s more of “2nd main character goes in time and meets younger version of 1st main character”. Thank you again for your feedback :heartbeat:

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