Looking for help with small and large cover!


I really need help making a small/large cover I’ll give credit! thanks so much if you can help me, these characters have to be included



I can do it. @stronglcve


I can help as well if needed. It would be helpful though for you to post information about your story and your title and whatever you want the cover to be like. This lets the artist have a better understanding of your vision. Let me know what you think! :heart::heart:


Thanks that would be great, the story title is ‘Dreams of a child’ it’s really about grieving over her childhood where she was harassed and sexually abused. Which led her up to be a person who always had mixed emotions but as time passes she finds someone who might just be able to help her! I hope that’s enough information :heartpulse:


Thank you! Do you want all of the characters you posted before on the cover? Also would you like episode characters or a different kind of art?


Lol is that Woah Vicky in your profile photo? :joy::joy:


I don’t mind whatever you choose to do as long as there’s one of them in there! :sparkling_heart:


Because that was the last thing on my camera roll! :joy::joy::joy:


lmao kdskhfgasd


I know You may not like it but I made a cover too


Oh and you should put this in art resources


Okay I’m done, but they’re… not great. Let me know if there is anything I can change. I also will not be offended at all if you choose not to use my covers, I absolutly understand!

Small Cover

Large Cover


OMG, I LOVE THEM THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Do you have instagram so I can credit you? :heartpulse::sparkling_heart:




I do, but you don’t need to credit me. Just enjoy it and make it into a great story!! :heart::heart:


Thanks! :heart_eyes: Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Give me an hour


Good job A


I edited this characters



Tysm these are actually amazing :sneezing_face: