Looking for honest feedback on one of my stories


I’m kind of afraid to do this as I’m afraid I’m opening a can of worms here, but I would love some real and constructive feedback on one of my old stories.

It’s called Medium (Author name Elizabeth) and so far has 15 chapters out, though I have an outline for a solid 30 some more chapters. It starts off in a boarding school and it’s about ghosts and other things.

I started writing it first in classic, maybe back in 2013 or so (when i was like 17 omg lol), and made an ink version, so the directing could definitely be updated.

The story is near and dear to my heart and I used to love writing it but I’ve lost interest, not because the story hasn’t gained popularity, but because I don’t think people were actually enjoying reading my story.

What I really want are constructive comments on my story so not just “I liked it” or “I HATED it” or “it was ok”
I’m looking for something more substantial like:
What stood out to you?
What did you think of the characters?
Was there something you liked?
Was there something you really didn’t like?
Did you see a missed opportunity?
Was it boring? Why? Which part specifically or specific comments as to why

Those are just some questions geared towards a more constructive response, but any comments of that nature are appreciated.

I would just really love some helpful comments so I can revamp the story, make it better, update the material, etc. It would just be amazing if I could make a more successful story, and again I don’t mean in terms of popularity, but in terms of the story itself. Though I guess if it turns out to be crap, which it could possibly be, I’ll know and I can spend my time on more fruitful projects and put this story to rest.

You can either pm me or write a comment on my story in the app.
Any real feedback is appreciated.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: