Looking for INK and LL Outfits Creator


Hi. I’m looking for outfits creator who can put a decent, organize, color coordinate or no color coordinate outfits together for both INK and LL or you can do one of the each.

Yes, I can create the outfits on Episode but honestly, for each categories to put together for Female and Male such as “Formal, Causal, Basic, Sleepwear, Party/Clubbing, School, Job (as a doctor, restaurant, reception, teacher, police, detective, etc) and more” is difficult for me to do while writing my script for my story.

I’ll need a group of 2 or 3 who can help me with that. If you can help me, that will be really grateful!

If not, what best advice can you give to me when struggling on trying to balance both way by creating a outfits that will be decent and organize and writing your script as well?


Moved to Art Resources since it involves outfit creation. :wink:

Male Outfits Creator Needed

Thank you. I didn’t know which place to put it.


Hey @Cannie Do you still need help?


Yes, please. That will be really great!


Hey i can help you


The more is better. Thank you and I don’t know how to start from or what to say to get started on helping me having an outfits for either INK OR LL. Any help and ideas will be really helpful.


I can make you ALL the LIMELIGHT outfits for you if you want


Yes, please! I’ll be really grateful for that. You can pm privately on here or I’ll message you and sent my email and I will sure give you credit for it!





I can make LL too. And ink!


Can you do that for me, please? I’ll give you credit for it.


Love too​:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Hey can you make me a background?


Sure! Just go to my art thread :smile:


Can you sent me a link?


Sure one sec!


Art Thread :purple_heart: