Looking for Ink Characters ~first ten~


Creating random characters get kind of frustrating at times because you don’t know what to name them, and how they should look. Therefore, I would like some Ink characters in my story. If you’re interested in being a character in my story please comment down below or DM me on Instagram @brianam.stories. The first ten people to contact me will be incorporated into my story! The deadline is Sunday, August 5th! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you





Is that your Instagram?



Which character would you like me to incorporate into my story, Sawyer or Penny?


No I was tagging my friend lol my insta is @Art_episode or @teahwalker323


skin- light
eyebrows- seductive arch
hair- classic bob blonde
eyes- upturned bold toffee
face- diamond
nose- upturned
mouth- classic ruby red

name: amani


The girl then please!



Lol I love the NO DRESSES! at the end :joy:


Lmao yeah I don’t wear dresses AT ALL and I HATE them


I would love to be incorporated in your story! (Hope there’s still space haha)

Name: Freya
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Fawn)
Face: Soft Heart
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Slender Natural (Brown)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Classic (Taupe)
Body: Ink female (Tan)


Moved to Art Resources since it involves character designs. :wink:


Idk if you still need some…image


Okay it seems like more than 5 people commented on this thread haha. Which is no problem. I changed everything. The first 10 people to comment on this thread will be incorporated into my story. The new deadline is Aug, 5th :slight_smile: Thank you.


I just created your character for my story!


I just created your character for my story! You will be seeing your character in my story.


Okay that’s no problem!


I just created your character for my story. Because you are going to keep reading my story, Sophisticated & Deceived, you’ll see your character in the future episodes of my story.