Looking for Inspiration

Hey guys,
So I haven’t really been on the Episode app for almost a year, as I found the RP/SG community in these forums and set up camp. However, I’m planning to get back on it.
An awesome forum friend and myself, have been writing together for a number of months now and we’re planning to adapt our story for Episode.

What I’m asking from you (so that I don’t become unmotivated and let her down) is for suggestions.
Can I please get some suggestions of some stories with really original/EPIC/mind-blowing intros?!

Caliope :wink:

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Feel free to check out mine :slight_smile: I’d say the intro isn’t bad at all, haha.

Title: CYBER
Author: Vivi
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy, Action
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4657138351603712


I also recommend The Kindest Man Alive by Margo Vincent.

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Have you read Fine Line yet? I was pretty tired and bored when I found the story and two minutes later I was like :scream: :scream: :scream:
Of course I’m not saying that you need Evil Ebonni’s directing skills in order to make an epic intro who could compete with her anyway, but as a reader I love when a story starts straight off with action.

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Yes, I did love the title sequence in this story, though then it continued on like most other stories. In saying that, it did intrigue me. I got through half the chapter, and despite some grammatical errors, I saved it and will continue.

Yes, the opening effects, as well as special effects in this were quite amazing and I will be continuing to read at least the next couple of chapters. Although, the baby being safe from magic when in its mother’s arms was a little too like Harry Potter to me. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

You’re right, the directing and effects in this story are phenomenal! I love how it just goes straight into the story without any kind of intro. This is definitely on my reading list! :wink:

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Thanks for giving it a try! Can you point out those grammatical errors? Would be much appreciated.

Sure thing, will restart the chapter and go through it.
My corrections are in bold. :wink:

Just Chapter one:

Narrator: “…was my biggest influence.”
Narrator: “…lights up like the stars when/whenever I play games.”

  • When dad enters at the beginning, it’s a bit quick and seems a little jumpy!

Narrator: “…were an ‘odd in a good way’ type of family…” and “And a happy one as well, might I add.”
Narrator: “CYBER is a Massive Virtual Reality Multiplayer…”
Main Character: “…end up on the Board of Fame, where all…”

  • A strange zoom out when Luna calls out to her after she enters the game.

Main Character: “We have never met in real life, but…”
Luna: “…a chance of meeting new people and socialising!”
Leon: “I, for one, am a fan of yours!”

If you want me to do the others, I can, but just give me a bit of time! :wink:

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Thanks! There’s no need, haha. Hmm, I think most of what you pointed out would be fine as they were, and one is exactly what I wrote (Board of Fame), I checked. But I will fix some of them based on your suggestions :smiley: Thanks again for your time!

No, sorry, the reason I pointed them out was because it was incorrect. As for the fame one, it was the word I corrected but the comma after it. … Some? Okay, well that is your choice, I guess.