Looking for Instagram Reviewers

(Dear mods, is this in the right category? :sweat_smile:)


I was wondering if there are any instagram group reviewers/instagram reviewers out there or users giving out shoutouts? :gift_heart::sparkling_heart:

If you are any of the above please let me know!


Also if you just know any insta accounts offering reviews and promotions let me know, thanks!

Hi! Me and @fluffyrice are starting an Epy group new to Insta called epi.time
We will offer mini promo segments like “character of the week” but our reviews will be of a different nature than the typical “review” you’re used to seeing. They’re called “Roast reviews” and it is as daunting as it sounds. XD But we are in essence a group that aims to unite the Episode community so feel free to check out our page on Insta! Our opening date is September 16th (If i remember correctly) so check it out and stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Ooh thank you and will make sure to follow you for updates!

You can try @episodeaxiom . They do reviews and are very good at being constructive.

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Girl thanks so much!

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