Looking for Japanese high school backgrounds!

As you can tell by the title, I’m in need of backgrounds for my story that takes place in a prestigious Japanese high school! Meaning, classrooms, hallways, exteriors, and etc are what I’m looking for. Most of the backgrounds I see for anything school-related are mostly Western-centric, and I can’t really use those for my story since it doesn’t really work with the setting.

Does anyone have any backgrounds like that? Or, is there any background makers that can help me with this?


I think you could google some backgrounds or look on Pinterest. I don’t have any, but those are some great places to look.


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Trust me, I’ve looked at those places already! Problem with that is copyright.

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@amepisode this should be perfect for yr next bg suggestions

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Check on Pixabay.com. Im not sure if there is any.

Already checked. Most of the images there are much too realistic. Or, they’re simply just pictures of kids in classrooms.

welp tht sucks. Hm…I think @amepisode can help because she do really good bg. She did a Chinese Restaurant bg I think. So, she should be able to help. Not sure if shes busy tho.

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Oh yeah! I follow her on Insta and her backgrounds are simply amazing! But, idk if she’s taking suggestions right now.

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yeah, she might be busy with stuff. Hm…

image image


You might have to resize these

first, where did u get them.


If you got them off of Google, there’s a very high chance one or more are copyrighted.

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t know what would make a school BG Japanese. Open to guidance, but no promises that I’ll do them, I don’t really do school BG’s as they don’t give me much inspiration if I’m honest :see_no_evil:


Yeah, I’ve come across all of these, they are copywritten I’m afriad.

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Japanese schools have, like, a different set-up from Western schools. It’s kinda hard to explain, but a lot of the schools primarily use chalkboards instead of whiteboards, they use sliding doors for classrooms instead of the doors you’d push or pull, there’s one single locker area dedicated for students to put their outdoor shoes away and keep their indoor shoes in, are almost always multiple stories, and always have gates around them. If you google “Japanese high school”, you can see real-world examples of them.

I’m not that knowledge about the layout of Japanese schools, since I’m American. So, apologies if I didn’t explain it really well. :sweat_smile:






(You can cut out the part where the girl is standing :,D)

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Some of these backgrounds are actually from IBIS Paint X, however, some of the backgrounds episode offers are also in IBIS Paint X I noticed… sooo lol it’s a bit questionable with copyright. I don’t know how or why some anime backgrounds from IBIS are offered in Episode but not all of them… :thinking: a question that will probably never be answered. Lol :woman_shrugging:t3:

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