Looking for late 20s people, I need some detail to help with my story

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Hi, I’m making a story which covered some time between late 90s-2006.

So, if you’re a late 20s, what did you use to contact with your friends back then? Did you have a phone then?

(Lol, I hope these are not some weird quetsions. I just need some detial for my story…:sweat_smile::see_no_evil:)


I did not have a CELL phone, but I had a HOME phone, as well as a Walkman and an old PC.

It was a landline phone.
For fun, my friends and I went to music stores to look for new CDs, went for walks, went to amusement parks-

I do miss it… Though, still got my old Walkman. Doesn’t really work, but…

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Thank you for your reply.
This is definitely helpful!:blush:

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We had a home phone (sounds funny :D) and I remember talking on it for hours and because it was one line on all phones at home my mom could pitch in the call to tell me to get off :smiley: I would say that we also went directly to our friend’s home and call them under the window or ring the bell to go out. It was something totally normal and it wasn’t concidered rude to show up uninvited. :sweat_smile:

For those that had computers and internet (something rare) I remember using ICQ and some forums but it was more for fun than communication.

Hope this helps!


It does. Thank you!:blush:

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