Looking for LGBT+ background characters (LGBT+ CLUB SCENE)

I’m looking for background characters that have a “special” physical appearance (non-binary characters) or a different orientation than heterosexual. It’s for a LGBT+ club scene.

(And if they have nothing in particular, it’s ok, just drop your characters down here !)


here is my character drive. maybe you’ll find what you need there:)

ALEX (gay male)

body: copper00
brow: round medium
brow color: black dark
hair: messy undercut
hair color: black dark
eye: monolid slender
eye color: ice blue
face: chiseled angular
nose: straight narrow
lip: full heart natural
lip color: fair neutral matte

outfit default
top: swoopneck sleevekess stripe grey white
pants: loose calf belted pants denim blue oxford
shoes: penny loafer ankle socks leather grey black
accessories: beaded leather strapped bracelet leather grey black+neck scarf silk gery black+chest hair black

Here’s Ryan. She’s bisexual. :yay:

Here’s Rachel. She’s a lesbian. :blob_hearts:


Hey! You can use my details. Bi/aro/ace (any pronouns :upside_down_face:)

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soft body(copper 03)
arched natural scar(black)
medium straight(ash blonde)
deepest upturned wide(hazel)
heart soft
round flared upturned
full round pouty (red garnet gloss)