Looking for LL male mc stories

Hi I’m looking for male mc stories with male mc LL, full cc with a name option, with cc female Li and where choices matter. Preferred genre would be romantic/comedy could always use a good laugh lol. Hope anyone is able to find some! :grin:

  • HollyTodd by Losarie
  • Spilled Love Potion by Ana Stacy
  • Think Twice by Piccalilly
  • Through the Worlds by Ksenia
  • Lost in New York by Nettie
  • Senior Design by Andrea Elle
  • Finding Your Soulmate by LishLooWho
  • The Florist by Samaria Rose (lol this is mine)
  • And in time… By Atreus
  • Ten Steps to her door by Nelles
  • Seduction 101 by Courtney Bre
  • Not Just Breathing by Valkillree
  • Wired This Way by LorenBethxox
  • Girlfriend Material? by Fran

Although not all of these have a name option, they’re still really good :smiley:


Hey here’s my story if you wan to give it a try.
It won the community Risk and Reward contest!

R&R: In Love with Her Soul
Genre: fantasy/comedy
Chapters: 4
Male Main Character
One LI (choose gender)
Mature, comedy
You can also find my story in the R&R shelf on the app :black_heart::black_heart:
They say that love conquers all. But is love enough for Demon, Asmodeus, to choose HER over himself? Is he willing to give up his soul to save hers?
Male MC,M/F LI,Point System, CC

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Hey I checked out your story and so far I’m really enjoying it. Hope you add more chapters in the near future!

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Napoleon by Akitoshi. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I’m reading I Do, I Don’t 1-4. Check it out: http://episodeinteractive.com/r/s/5389473260699648
Has a male MC and a Male LI as well as an Female LI!

Hi! This story has a male mc
Here’s @/Theebee2004 and I’s Christmas story:)
Title : Twelve
Author : Molly & Thea
Genre : Comedy and Romance
Chapters : 3 and more coming soon…
Description : Ah yes, December, Christmas time, but also the perfect time to ask for forgiveness. Join Cody, a former playboy, on his journey to seek forgiveness from his former high school classmates.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Instagram: @kennedymolly97


Thank you so much and I am!