Looking for LL outfit creator

Hi all, I’m looking for an outfits creator who can design decent and properly organised outfits. This is for LimeLight design as well.

I will need help throughout my entire story, so please be prepared to work with me a lot during this process. As much as I do like designing outfits, it does tend to become a lot of work for me whilst trying to create a script for my story. Outfits that would be included to give an idea: casual, formal/clubbing/partying, school (uni/college appropriate wear), work-appropriate attire (business, teacher etc)

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I’m down, just kinda busy right now to jump straight to creating or helping you.
Gonna be about an hour before I could do anything much. Is that too long ?

Yes, that’s totally okay! If you could send some examples of outfits you have designed previously to me, that would be great as well. It gives me an idea of what you can do, if that’s alright with you also.

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I’m also down