Looking for lost friends


My Forums Family.


Where did you all go, I know I left for quite a while but it’s like everyone just disappeared :man_shrugging:

Hope your all safe, happy and healthy. Hope to talk soon maybe.

I found 1 friend @ihicks01 :grin:


I disappeared for a while for my mental health but I’m back.


This sounds so bad, but you was in my list from a thread but I don’t remember you. I’m sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

A lot of people have changed there users too :man_shrugging:

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Tbh I don’t really rememher you either which is unfortunate, I don’t think we talked much at all 1 on 1.


Oh hey, this was @pastelthunder8, yeah I remember you. Most people have left the forums and one of my close friends that you tagged is banned from this forums. I’m planning on leaving forums soon though, cuz I moved on from Episode.


Sorry we never got the chance to talk. If you ever want to talk though I’m cool with that :grin:

I remember you too. Sorry to hear your friend left, if you decide to stay I’m sure we could talk in a GC maybe :wink:

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I do miss my forums family though, they was always so nice and kind to me.

Yeah unfortunately, I can’t stay though. I wouldn’t mind talking to you if I decided to stay, but you know I sort of need to move on with my own life. And about your forum family, my closest friend was pretty close with one of the members of your family, I heard he’s taking a long break well that is what my closest friend told me apparently

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I’m still here somehow. :joy::joy: Just barely ever online

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I don’t know you, but maybe I can help you a bit.

@_haruka has been in hospital for a while, but she is still around whenever she can.

@viwrites1 aka Xylo left a long time ago. :crying_cat_face:

@loveyourself aka Faith is suspended for 1000 years…

@chocolate_mama ain’t active anymore, same with @16AngelCat.

@Qwueen moved to Germany and is not active as much anymore.

I will pm you for some more details. :sunglasses:

Edit: Since your profile is closed you need to pm me first… :sweat_smile:


Hey, I’ve switched to another forum and I’m not really active here anymore. (also, Eleanor deleted her account)


Thanks for the info :grin:

Wow didn’t even realise my profile was set to private what a donkey I am :man_facepalming:

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Oh ok. There gonna be no one left on here soon :hushed:

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I could PM you a link if you’d like

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Sure I will have a look. Thanks :grin:

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Well, just follow Caticorn and you might be able to find a few people again. :innocent:

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I guess I was summoned

hi @AndyJr18 your name rings a bell but I don’t exactly remember how I know you apart from the fact I guess we used to talk on the forums a couple years ago

It’s been a while to say the least haha

I’m doing well I hope you are too :))


Yeah, think we usto talk In GC.

I’m good thanks :grin:

Episode is like a ghost town now though :pensive:

Update! Germany didn’t work out lol but I’ve just been livin day by day. Not really on any social media as much. Just been shoving my face in art to keep me distracted