Looking For Members of My New Group - epy.treats (ET)


Hi, my name is Alyssa, and I am the Founder and President of ET (epy.treats)! We are a Episode Group based around IG (Instagram) and the Episode Forums. We are currently on the search for new members. If you keep reading, you can see some questions that you may have about our group!

What jobs could we apply for at ET?
At ET, you can apply to be an artist, a directing assistant, a story reviewer, and as an advertiser. Here’s some more information on them:
Artist - Makes artwork that has been requested by followers at least once a week.
Directing Assistant - Posts directing tips at least twice a week.
Story Reviewer - Posts story reviews at least twice a week.
Advertiser - Advertises the group elsewhere.

Are we expected to be on all the time?
Of course not! We know that you have your own personal life outside of Episode, and we only require your presence once or twice a week! :blush:

Do we need to have an Instagram to be in the group?
Of course not! We will mainly be focused around the forums, but if you wanna do more for the group, we suggest you have an IG!

Do we need to be good at what we wanna do in order to join?
If you’re applying for the Directing Assistant job or the Story Reviewer, yes, you need to be good at directing, but if you’re wanting to be an artist, the other members of our team will help you become a better artist!

Wanna be part of the team? Simple as pie! Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you! Thank you for your time, my name is Alyssa, the Founder and President of epy.treats!