Looking for members to join a writing team!

Hi everyone!
I’m interested in creating a writing team! I already have an idea for the story, but I could definitely use some help to come up with good and new ideas!
If anyone is interested in being a coder, a writer, a beat reader, an artist or anything else, write on this topic and we can work together! You can also follow this link and get in the discord chat.


This seems like a great idea! I’d love to join and help!

Great! What “job” would you like to have?

I’d like to be a coder :blush:

Hey Flav, I would love to help you with your story! I have been looking to help other writers with their stories! I could put together all the characters and the outfits if that job is available. :grin:

No problem!

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Yes that spot is still available!

Hello there! I’d like to be an artist, if that spot’s still available~

Yes this spot is still available! Follow the link to get more details :blush:

I would love to help what spots are still available?

Well character / outfits aren’t available. What would you like to do? And you can follow the link above to get on the discord chat.

Do you already have a story in mind if not maybe I could be your story planner and help you with the story

We already have a few ideas for the story, but we definitely need a story planner. Come here to know more!

Okay thank you so much.

I will not be able to plan right away as I am not at my home and I do not have my computer I will have it on Monday

I’d love to join what do you have left?

Only character / outfits designer are full. What would you like to do? Also follow the link above to learn more!