Looking For Members Who Would Like To Join My Art Group

I have recently created an art thread:

And I’m looking for artists who would like to join if you would please click here or the link above


i’m a bit confused on what your saying…
Do you mean that if we join your art group we can request a art piece from you?
thank you.

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No, help me make art. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

If you want to request click on my thread and there will be another form to fill out for requesting.

I would love to join your group::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But sadly i’m not always checking my forums cause I still have school::sweat:
Thanks so much though

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That’s okay, I understand, I have school as well

I have art thread. She Ravi’s art thread. Maybe we could combine both of ours. The thing to know is I have school.

That’s okay, I do too. And sure we can combine our threads, but how?

Make a new one I guess.

Okay, what should it be called.

Shana Ravi’s and Leah’s art thread.
Also as a side note for my current art thread I have a google form which they need to sign out to be accepted.
Also I do mostly covers, splashes, outlines and art.

Okay, so I’m making the topic or are you going to?

I can just so I can copy the google form link. Also what do you mostly do? Covers? Splashes? Banner? Overlay? Art and outline?

I have to go for a minute so I’ll get back to you later

Covers, splashes, art scenes

Me too I have to do homework bye.

bye and thanks

Hey. Since we both have our separate art threads should we close them or not?

We can

Maybe I will.