Looking for Miraculous fans

Hello guys! I’m Liv and I’m looking for Miraculous fans :cat: :beetle: :paw_prints: if you want to answer so we can talk about it a little :heart: Then I wanted to ask you something … on Tik Tok I saw a video of a girl (I don’t know her username) where she said she was going to write an Episode story about Miraculous! :partying_face: I don’t know her username on the community, I just know that she on Episode is called ‘luka is bae’. So, write me when her story will come out or if you want to talk about Miraculous (like the Shanghai special). Love y’all :white_heart:


OMGG I love miracoulous

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about her story.

It’s against the rules to to write fan fiction on Episode, so even if her story does end up being published, Episode will likely take it down from the app.


You can’t write a story based on shows and stuff. It counts as fan fiction therefore when someone finds it they have every right to report it and they will get in trouble. It states in the guidelines that it is not allowed.


It not her that is writing the story.

I know this series is FANTASTIC

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YEAA! I’m so excited for s4 and the movie shangai special!

I know. I was referring to the story of the person on TikTok, hence why I said “her story” not “your story” :relaxed:

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Shanghai it’s very close !!!

oh ok srry!

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Yup! Coming tomorow (sunday)!

I love miraculous actually just finish season 3 right now…:wink:

Well I didn’t knew about they’re releasing movie tomorrow :scream:

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That girl changed her user and deleted the video. She’s not working on the story anymore.

I’ve seen one like this before. It was even promoted by hopemoon :sleepy: It’s unfortunately illegal :cupid:

I like the show, though! Although all the episodes follow the same pattern, it’s addictive ngl :white_heart:


Adrien or Luka?
  • Adrien, duhhh :fire:
  • Luka, ofc, he has blue hair :pleading_face:
  • Bish nooo marinette should stay a single pringle! :cupid:

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I’m obsessed with Cat Noir :sob: :drooling_face:

Me too :drooling_face:

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I absolutely love Miraculous. Very entertaining, and addicting :joy: Waiting for Season 4. Unfortunately it is against the rules to write a story about a real movie, show, or book :pleading_face:.

Awww :sob: I really wanna write a Miraculous story.

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