Looking for model!

I’m looking for Models in my first episode

Eyes On Me

If you want your character in my first episode here’s what to do

  1. First name and last
  2. Nationality they are (this is an episode where they have worldwide models)
    3.name of the clothing they are wearing and their features (so I can create them
  3. you can post a picture of them here
  4. if you want me to credit your character say “CREDIT” so I’ll know
  5. add any other ideas so I can make my story even more entertaining
  6. mention anyone else whos looking to place their characters in stories

you don’t have to follow some of these steps but if you want you’re welcome to do so!



@Bamboo_less it’s been edited to fill out the other info
Omg I’m actually writing a story abt a kpop girl group so feel free to use any of my characters:

Krystals hair is brown black or black brown ( I forgot the name ) they are all Asian but to be specific, Hani is Korean, Mae is Japanese, Krystal is Thailand, Raina is Vietnamese, and Victoria is Afro Korean

Last names:
Hani: Myung-Jeong
Krystal: Chanthara
Raina: Nguyen
Mae: Takinashi
Victoria: Jeong-Park

Credit isn’t needed
Their Kpop group name is “The XO’s”


No one else is allowed to use my characters other then @Bamboo_less

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Ah, yes! beautiful models indeed! make perfect models!!! :blob_sun:

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Thank you! It’s been edited also

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  1. First name and last:

Rosalinda Nightly

  1. Nationality they are (this is an episode where they have worldwide models)


3.name of the clothing they are wearing and their features (so I can create them)



  1. if you want me to credit your character say “CREDIT” so I’ll know

Credit with my Forums Username, @Rosalinda.Episode :white_heart:

Feel free to use my char :dizzy::dizzy:


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lovely! I will use her and give you all the credit for her! thank you!! :blob_sun:

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Here are my details!

Name: Shahd (Can I keep my last name unknown?)
Nationality: Sudanese
Style: edgy, rocker, or bad*ss
Extras: I talk a little bit too much! Laugh when things get too serious! Prefer breaking the rules and living life the way I wanna! Always down for dancing!
CREDIT by my forums name please!
And please tag me when your story is out!

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1.Name: Vicky Lenardy!
2. Georgia (lmao I’m not from there but Let It Be.)

I can see you heeEELOWH


  1. Do whatever you have in mind :heart:

Please credit me with my Forums and of course let me know when your story’s published. Good luck! :blush:

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ah-hah, of course, you can keep your last name secret!
I will try to tag you when my story comes out I’m still new to episode!
thank you for sharing your character! she is lovely and beautiful!! :blob_sun:

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yes yes another beautiful character! ofc ofc i will give you all the credit you deserve!!
and than you! :blob_sun:

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No problem, and aw thank you! :relaxed:

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Thank you! :pleading_face:

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I just hope my story is interesting enough to get at least 5 people to read it. :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: :pleading_face:

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Hey don’t say that!
I believe that every story is nice and unique in it’s own way! And the fact that you’re doing international models is very encouraging and inspiring for others to read and follow your foot steps!

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aww, thank you! :blob_hearts: yeah this story is a tough one considering it is my first story ever

I have to carefully use google translate for the languages because the models will mix their words with their own langue and English!

and there could be a lot of spelling errors in my story since I’m a beginner at writing so this will take some time eh-heh :sweat_smile:

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You’ll have a thought time with my language then! Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages there is!

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time to pull out every translation website there is and start studying Arabic so i wont make any mistakes! :sweat_smile: :grin:

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HAHAHAHAHA!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Though if you ever need a good app to teach you a language, I would recommend Duolingo!

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oo never heard of it, ill go check it out right now! :thinking: :blob_sun:

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Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

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