Looking for Models!

Hello. I’m looking for some models out here in the episode community that’ll be willing to be helping me improve with art using your character. :grin: No, I do not have Instagram. So you’re probably thinking. How are we supposed to credit you? Basically , if you use the model. It will be considerate that you’ll credit me in your bio. If not, then that’s you problemo and basically you’re disrespecting the artist for not giving them credit. Since you’re disrespecting me then you can no longer request. There are “bandits” here on the forums so, I really wouldn’t want my art stolen or copied. Because, that just isn’t right. In the form that’s given below there will be a Password question that’s required for you to answer in order to become a model. Secondly, I do not want any drama on this thread. It will not be tolerated or I will report you! So take a little time to think before submitting a reply. For Now, you’ll need this word for an answer. Apricot Rules.


I won’t be posting examples for now but until I’m done with the first Model. That will be an example. NO Picture thingy!

Exactly Like this!


Sorry, @sofia2 it’s an example. :sweat_smile:

And please don’t take this thread rude or offensive…


Lol no problem, :yellow_heart:

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I read your response. I fixed the problem. :sweat_smile:


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@keiji and @SakuraCheam

I love you guys taste! I’ll start on both of the models. :grin:


I have a few questions… on the form you’re asking a theme and username. What do you mean by theme and does the username mean the username on forums or the name of the character. Also can we put any styled character, like can it be LL or INK, does it matter?

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Thank you :heart:

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Username means you Forum Username and Theme it’s telling me what you’d like your model to be in and how you want it to look like.

I’m not doing any Limelight I only do Ink. So it’ll have to be ink instead of LL. This is only episode related.

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@SakuraCheam here’s your model!


Whoa, it’s beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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Sorry everyone but I haven’t been able to find the time to draw your models. :sneezing_face: Maybe, I’ll make another thead about drawing a bit more but not at the moment.

@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you close the thread?

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: