Looking for more help with scene directing and backgrounds and overlays

Hi can someone tell me how to make it look like the characters cell phone is ringing and blinking on a desk and for it to disappear when the mc picks it up and answers.

Can someone also tell me how to make drawings or art like this

And one more thing can someone send me some quilt overlays and car overlays fancy cars and regular, some school backgrounds morning and night, and some bedroom bakgrounds morning/ night
and lastly some bathrooms and shower backgrounds

All help is appreciated and will be given credit too in whichever story I publish this stuff in.

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You’ll need a white flash overlay and a phone overlay. The directing is super complicated: Place the phone overlay on a surface (table perhaps) and place the white flash overlay on top of it (using layers). To make it flashing, set the opacity of the flash overlay to 0 in 1 second (animating overlay - if you don’t understand read the guide or check out @Dara.Amarie 's Overlays Help thread for more infos). When the character picks the phone up (the character must be layered in front of it), try and zoom in on the hand while placing it on the phone (use an animation or a hand overlay). Pause for a beat then remove the phone overlay. That’s how you can make it disappear.

For the art covers, visit art shops on the Episode Forum and request for one and make sure to credit them afterwards. The author of this story ( @wincyyellow is so talented! I love all her stories!) doesn’t make the art herself. You can see that she credited her artist on the cover.

I hope this will help you! :slight_smile:

Thank you this helps a lot.
If possible do you have an phone overlay to spare? I am having trouble finding one

Here’s an iPhone overlay :slightly_smiling_face:
No credit is needed, I got this from Google :sweat_smile:
Hope it will help you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks this helps alot