Looking for more people for my writing group

I am looking for some more people for my writing group. If you are interested in joining the writing group, send me a PM or a reply to this post and we can talk further. I can’t wait!!! Our only requirement is to be ACTIVE.

Available roles:
Coder :computer:
Writer :pencil2:
Director :clapper:
Artist :paintbrush:
Story Planner :closed_book:
Social Media Manager :iphone:

You can choose more than one role!

P.S. Do not PM me if you can not be active. You just have to be online everyday.


If any one is interested, feel free to send me a message!!

Hi I’m interested in being a character designer. I love designing characters from their story and would love to join your group. I’ll send you a message just in case you don’t see this.

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Update: We are still looking for more members!

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If u still need an artist that is

i’ll do it i love story planning and coding


Lol, @awalls14 . Why are you poaching my members?

what’s poaching? lol

Are you still looking for members? Cuz I would like to help with the storyline and the clothing part for the characters.

What is the genre of the story??

oh okay thanks

It’s @jaylen_dwight’s story?

Yea. It is my story. @cavanna, I would love to have you in my group!!! I am always looking for new members. Check your PMs for more information.

The main genre has not been decided yet but there will be elements of romance and comedy.

I’d love to become a Write and/or story planner! English and grammar are just my thing, i love it. AND writing is just so fun to me!

xx April xx



Can I be writer or social media manager?