Looking for new Insta friends!



Hey everyone! :yum: I’m looking for new people to follow on Instagram! So if you post edits, screenshots, or anything episode related drop your username so we can follow each other! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hiya I would love to be your friend


Okay! What’s your insta so I can follow you?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I post story updates and promotions of new and underrated stories!! Always looking for new followers :slight_smile:


Hiii ppl what are all your ig usernames? :grin: I post edits and sometimes other art :paintbrush:

my ig: matchamochi.episode :tea:


Mine is @andreal.stories, art account: @andreal.epy and also this account for my upcoming episode group @EpisodeSSquad


@atreus.writes :smile::smile:


I followed:



Just wanted to mention as well that we’re hiring :wink: if you wanna join feel free to look at our topic!


My Insta is mysoxlike2partyepisode

:grinning: I follow back episode accounts obviously.


I’ve followed everyone that’s posted so far! :relieved:



Just created my Insta, so I apologize that I’m new(:




Hi! I’d love to be friends. My Instagram is @epy.melwrites.


I’ve followed everyone :heart: