Looking for new stories to read. 🦋

¡ǝɹǝɥ ʎssǝW ɓuıǝq ɟo uǝǝnΌ ღ

I wanted to be extra and make some banners.

All styles are welcomed!

RULES: Because we love those.

  • Don’t promote your own story. You will be flagged. You have been warned.
  • Don’t spam the thread.
  • You can pitch someone story and sell it to me. Because why not?
  • Include the author name and/or forums username.
  • Include the password along with the recommended story.
  • Don’t ask for a read for read on this thread.
  • Don’t promote your own story. This isn’t the thread for that.
  • Make sure to read By The Book by Amberose. (Yes, that is a mandatory rule.)
  • You made it this far. Are you ready?
  • Password: Aaliyah’s queen of being messy.
  • Blur out the password.

Am I extra? Yes. Will I tone it down? No.


Bad boy inhaler, I can’t for the life of me remember who the author is but damn is he a baddie:drooling_face:

P.S love the banners tho.

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Thanks, doll! I see you missed out on that password :imp: I’ll check that story out.

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Oh sh*t, Aaliyah’s Queen of being messy


Trophy Wife by Sincerely Brandi
Diary of a Troublemaker by TORIAH
Cluedo by Juliane Rae
Dirty Sexy Teenagers by Lucky
Dirty Sexy Teenagers: Spooky Stories by Lucky
The Blank Page by Janna Valentina
Cherry on Top by cpc
It’s Just A Prank by Julze D.
You Again? by Yasmin
FROM 1958 by YPwrites

These are all amazing stories^^^

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hi i’d like to recommend this super steamy romance called sinful desires by some chick, I think you’ve heard of her? anyways, it’s a perfectly written badboy romance!!!

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  • Beat as one - Catelyn
  • The c.r.e.w. - Romy
  • Marry, Kiss, Kill - amberose and A. beauTy
  • Children of Stardust - Captain Willow
  • Iridescent (Ink and LL versions) - Indigo
  • Collapsing Dreams - Danila
  • Bad Girl Affairs - Writer_JLG
  • The surface - Mia Rose
  • Wentworth - writer.LB
  • Runaway princess - Dara Amarie
  • Dating app - alex
  • Clue: Eerie Noir - Em Sandigo
  • Clue: by the book - Amberose
  • Clue: Red eye cat - RachelleFaucet
  • Clue: Blood water blue - Meila Summers
  • Clue: wicked eight - Elzbiet Zaleski and TessS
  • Clue: cyberhunt - Bel
  • Clue: trust fund - ThereseOnEpisode
  • Clue: save our princess!, Let’s call it love - Ale
  • Silver Sonder - Toriah
  • Blue scrubs - Mykaela

Aaliyah’s queen of being messy

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Hahaha. I love you :smiling_imp::pleading_face:

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@Eclipsa green sea shell
@MerryMirrors remember me
@samantha_episode_1 heartbreak century
Can’t think of anymore at this sec because I cannot get my inbox open whilst writting this.
But these story I LOVED.


awww, thank you so much!! :heart_eyes::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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Bump :thinking:
Read the original post before you drop stories below.

He can’t tame me —-Meila Summers

Oh god I can’t reccomend enough. This story hits hard. (Not spoiling anything) trust me it’s worth it. I replayed this at least three times

It is a good story. I read all 27 chapters. She’s a great writer.

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I stan.

Bump :eyes:

Bump. I need stories to read. Don’t recommend me your stories.

@Sydney_H or @Nick Can you close this? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: