Looking For Open Art Groups

i’m gonna join one tomorrow i know people already requested me to join but i wanted to look at other groups who are looking for members! thank you so much for offering to let me in you guys are so nice :airplane:

hii i made a cover and a splash and people were asking me about joining art groups !! there was 3 i think but idk which to join.
i want to make this thread and ask what art groups and open and a little description of them? i’m not looking to join one right this moment but i’m hopefully going to join one this week!

if it matters, here are some examples of things i’ve done



(i use photoshop cs6 btw. it costs money and it’s not for phones)

please comment or pm me if your group is open and if you want me to join! i know i kinda suck but those were my first ones ever so i hope i get a pass! i hope being in an art group teaches me more cause as you can tell from the things i’ve made they are… clearly not the best haha!


hi Episode Studio would love to have you!


you can join episode diamonds

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we have been asking you since this morning lol

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@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @linalilly10 can you guys give a little description of the groups so i kinda know about it :slight_smile:

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lol same



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Episode dimaonds is a group that love to help each other we are a family we support each other no matter what happens we have had our ups and down but we are still together we work hard to acheive our goals if one of us fall down we will be right there to pick them up we will always be there to help each other

We are a source of professional art made by yours truly in no time! We love getting new members as it is a source of joyfulness and gaiety. Our name says it all! We, Episode Helpers are here to help you get more popular in Episode.

As you were probably told in your childhood, it was that it is to never judge a book by it’s cover. And to be honest, I’ve done that many times! How many times have you just barged into a library and forage for a book with lots of colors? Oh, I did that plenty of times! Or once you scrolled down on the Episode app to find a true one-of-a-kind cover to read a story from? That definitely did happen and don’t even deny it, you did that too.

As much as the story plotting and all that matters, creating an art that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing also matters too. Episode Helpers is all about teamwork, fun and more fun and texts that you practically have to run to read! It’s that exciting!

We all have the same goals and dreams when it comes to Episode Forums: to help the community and the environment and make Episode an entertainment area for all who are new to art.

Words and sentences aren’t the only ones who captures hearts… When it comes to Episode Helpers, art does as well. We express our feelings into our art, we make the reader perceive of the emotions swelling deep in the abyss.

Written by @Episode.BriarRose

We changed our name lol


EpsiodeStudio isn’t just an art group… we are a family… We are there for each other and help each other on person request as well!!! We have fun and do art… We have a Facebook, twitter, and instagram… we also have a YouTube channel!!!

We would love to have you join if you want!!!


~EpisodeStudio President


When I was going through alot they were there to pick me up we are family we are more than just a art group some people think we are just an art group and we shoudn’t be a family but we proved them wrong we are a family Episode diamonds is a family group we have had been through hell but the group helped us we show our emotion through art art is our passion

I was going through self harm and bullies I was so hurt I coudn’t do anything I would get bullied everyday non stop but thats when I found this art group they were there for me when I was about to kill myself they helped me they even try to fly to where I live to try and stopped me and from there we were all family


We’re a family created by a girl named Chris… we love each other a ton tbh. We have had drama in the past but it’s over now. (lol I hope) We have had each other’s backs since the beginning of the group. We make all kinds of art! I have made some awesome friends through Episode Studio. We get a lot of requests done but we ALSO talk and chat. Most of the day we do random stuff while working on requests. We even created a “queen” thingy because one girl was drunk while texting us lol (cough cough Saash) and so we made this thing where we’re all queens lol. Ok sorry now I’m getting off-topic. I’m not gonna give you some lovey-dovey bff thing (even though that’s what we are) I’m gonna tell you straight forward that we love each other and are there for each other. We aren’t an art group. Well we are but… we’re also a friend group. We love each other. I love all of them. We went through a ton of problems that were personal in our lives, involving diseases, sicknesses, and personal drama. We were there for each other. I actually quit at one point!! That was a mistake lol. I joined back because instead of hiding things from my sisters, I just told them and they guided me. Our story is actually somewhat inspiring if I do say so myself. I love them and they love me. Ok so now I’m rambling but that’s how they make me feel. I get all happy! I still can’t believe everything :joy: I love these girls. If you don’t want to join, I just wanna say… that we don’t blame you. A lot of people want a professional, not crazy, not drama-filled group. I’m not gonna lie to you. If that’s what you want, you should turn away because we ARE professional but CRAZYYYYYYY sorta drama-filled, loving group of friends and family. Heck, we call @ChayChay momma and @GirlLykAnn Grandmama cus that’s how close we are lol. tbh @stronglcve i think you’ll fit in. I went through bullying and depression and they were there for me… I thought of self-harm and they were there for me… cus we love each other.


~A proud co-prez of ES and definitely addicted to them.~

#lit #awesome
Queen :fire: :sunglasses:


This has nothing to do with art groups but your splashes are amazing.

Do you take requests in your PM’s?


lol Noli


LMFAO @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE. I love you too.


yes haha i do! thank you! :heartbeat:
pm me if you want one


lol Granolias and Saasha are in ES

@BadassSaasha ITS TRU THO


got bored and made a splash in 2 mins. lol mess i forgot to make effects on the guy but i like the text sooo. i wanted to make an example cause i literally only had 2


omg that’s good

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lmfao fjldskhfds

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