Looking For Open Art Groups


Its amazing I made this with my group


um and… when will you tell us?


im gonna join one like tomorrow lol just looking for them cause i’ve seen like 3 but i think theres more that i wanna see



proud member of episode studio. we’re a family, and we talk about everything and anything. We help each other, support each other and guide each other in everything. We trust each other and make each other laugh when we need it. @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE and @Chay were there for me when I was at a low point.


awww I love u 2 EM. Lol u ma bestie


awww thanks Amani u ma bestie 2


(i know people already asked me to join before, so i could join without making this thread, but i know there are more who are looking for members are i would want to look at all before joining one right away!!)


I thought you were in our group


Thanks Em!!! Just doing what I do for friends


can I pm you?


Hi I’m Zoe from Episode Diamonds one of the creators of it actually. I have seen your art work and am extremely impressed at your skills. On Behalf of Episode Diamonds I would love of you could join our group. I would not only be joyful but also extremely happy if you joined
:purple_heart:Zoe and Episode Diamonds


I’m not in a group atm but have thought about joining one or creating one :two_hearts: so if I created one would you like to join ? @stronglcve x


you are in episdoe diamonds remeber lol


thank you so much wow!! :heartbeat:


Am I ? :joy:


What kind of art have u done @stronglcve ? :revolving_hearts:


Your very much welcome


yes lol I dm you on instagram


Idk if I wanna be in a group atm as I kinda want to try to start my own one :revolving_hearts: like no disrespect because I think all the groups are amazing but just like wanna start a group :revolving_hearts: